Update 5/21/20: Grades, extra-long weekend/another 4-day week

GRADES: I’ve gotten many questions this week about grades and why none have been posted on PowerSchool for band/orchestra classes as of yet. There are a number of reasons, but there is one main one, and that is SDUSD’ grade protection policy that states that no one’s grade can decrease from where it stood in a given class as of March 13th, 2020 (policy can be found on SDUSD distance learning FAQ). Additionally, grades may only increase from their standing on March 13th as a result of classwork completed during distance learning. So here’s what’s up with that…

“A” STUDENTS: The good news is that 130 out of 193 band/orchestra students, which is 67% of the entire program, have an “A” grade locked in for the second semester. As I begin entering distance learning grades into PowerSchool over this weekend and next week, “A” students will be receiving full credit for each assignment regardless of their actual score on the assignment. This will make it so that I don’t have to keep track of a bunch of individual exceptions and unique situations. Please know that all classwork is still being tracked and recorded, and I encourage you to continue your work in your music class if you hope to have as normal of a 2020 – 2021 school year in band/orchestra as possible. Intermediate Band/Orchestra students who wish to promote to Advanced Band/Orchestra next school year MUST participate in distance learning even if they have an “A.” You may have locked in an “A” for this semester, but as per the distance learning syllabus addendum, promotion to the advanced level is NOT guaranteed if there is a lack of participation in distance learning.

“B” OR LOWER STUDENTS: Students earning a “B” or lower as of March 13th will be my priority in terms of logging grades into PowerSchool. If you wish to improve your overall grade in band/orchestra from where it was on March 13th, distance learning classwork is the ONLY way for you to do so. If you want to get in touch with me about your situation, please feel free to email me or comment on a post or assignment on Google Classroom. I am also willing to schedule one-on-one Zoom meetings outside of regular office hours to support students. Let’s work together to bring your grade closer to where you want it to be!

4-DAY WEEKEND: Happy extra-long, 4-day Memorial Day weekend! I’ll bet COVID-19 health advisories will make this 4-day weekend look pretty similar to most days, just with less schoolwork, but it’s still a nice break nonetheless. With the 4-day weekend, that means that next week will be another 4-day week. To see full details about how that affects band/orchestra classwork, see the post below. The short summary is that there is no office hour or music chat on Tuesday 5/26, the only office hour will be on Thursday 5/28, and your workload will be adjusted just like it was this week. Enjoy the break from school, everybody! Talk to you again next week!