URGENT: Instrument/Material Return

Mr. Brown and MMS administration will be hosting musical instrument return for school- or district-owned instruments on Monday, June 1st, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. With the return window coming up soon, and depending on you and your situation, there are several important and time-sensitive items in this message that may or may not require action on your part. Please ask yourself the following two yes-or-no questions to determine the appropriate course of action for you:

  1. Do I have a school- or district-owned instrument in my possession?
  2. Do I plan to continue with band/orchestra at MMS next school year?
    • All 8th graders answer “no” to #2
      • I know you will continue, of course, but it won’t be at MMS, obviously

IF “NO” FOR #1 (answer to #2 is irrelevant if answer to #1 is “no”)
If you do not have a school- or district-owned instrument in your possession at this time, regardless of grade level or continuation status, then no action whatsoever is required as it concerns the MMS Instrumental Music program. You do not need to attend the instrument return on Monday, June 1st. 8th graders, if you have some other item belonging to the school or the district that you received from me (warm-up/method book, special mouthpiece, instrument accessory, etc.) please return it to the school during your normal textbook/material return time the last week of May. Before you quit reading this blog post, please proceed to the final item in this message.

All students in this category that currently have school- or district-owned instrument/materials in your possession are REQUIRED to return any and all instruments/materials on Monday, June 1st between 1:00 and 5:00 PM. Please complete this web form to assist Mr. Brown’s planning for your instrument’s return. The procedures for June 1st will be emailed to you within a day or two of submitting your response on the web form. 8th graders returning instruments/materials on June 1st may also return ALL of their school materials (textbooks/materials from any other class) on this date to save parents multiple trips to the school for the return of school materials, which means that 8th graders in this situation can forgo their material turn-in date during the final week of May. Before you quit reading this blog post, please proceed to the final item in this message.

Due to the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, 6th and 7th graders planning to continue with band/orchestra at MMS during the 2020 – 2021 school year may hold onto their school- or district-owned instrument/materials over the summer of 2020. Please register your summer instrument/material hold by completing this web form no later than Friday, June 5th. Before you quit reading this blog post, please proceed to the final item in this message.

Considering a number of factors, including this early return of school instruments as well as the inconsistency of participation in band/orchestra distance learning, I have decided that I will NOT be assigning a Quarter 4 Performance Assessment (Q4PA) via distance learning. The final full week of school will look like a typical distance learning week with a music theory lesson, SmartMusic exercises, and a sight reading assignment. Students that turn in their instruments on Monday, June 1st will still be responsible for the June 1 – 5 distance learning assignments. The music theory assignments do not require instruments, and all Sight Reading Factory and SmartMusic assignments can be played/recorded percussively (on SmartMusic) or rhythm only (on Sight Reading Factory) by clapping the rhythm, tapping the rhythm on a desk/table, etc.