Update 6/7/20: Final “week” of school

FINAL “WEEK”: This Tuesday, June 9th marks the last day of of the school year. Hooray, summer! While things are starting to reopen, I want to send all of you my best wishes for as fun a summer as possible! Please remember, though, that COVID-19 is still a very real and present concern, so I urge everyone to get out there cautiously and follow all recommended health and safety protocols.

ASSIGNMENTS?: There will be no assignments posted or due Monday or Tuesday, June 8th and 9th, in your band/orchestra class. I’m swamped enough as it is, and it would be silly of me to add more to your and my respective plates these next two days. Please use the time to catch up with any of your other classes.

GRADES: Other than a meeting on Monday morning, the next two days are completely dedicated to entering grades. Please be patient as I enter them as quickly as I can. The next two items here in this blog post/email are sub-points on grades…

  • LATE SUBMISSIONS: If you have a locked in “A” grade for this semester, please do yourself and me a favor: don’t submit any work that isn’t already submitted for band/orchestra at this point. For those of you who are trying to raise your grade, I will do my best to keep track of your late submissions, but all of the information and scores are so spread out amongst various platforms that it has been very hard to track. I’m going to try my best to count all of your work (even stuff you submit June 8th and 9th), but grading right now is so difficult and time-consuming that I may miss something. Please understand that time is limited, I’m trying my best, and I truly want all students trying to raise their grade to succeed in that pursuit. Please also keep in mind that your late submission that wasn’t there when I already collected information on that particular assignment for the rest of the class is hard to find, and I don’t know whether or not to go back and look for it.
  • LOCKED-IN “A” STUDENTS: You’re going to start to see grades being entered into PowerSchool on Monday morning through the time that grades are due for us at 8:00 AM on June 10th. You’re going to see full credit scores on assignments on which you may not have actually earned full credit, and maybe even for some assignments you didn’t even attempt or complete. Without going into a full tutorial to explain it all, please just trust me when I say it’s just way easier to give all locked-in “A” students full credit on pretty much everything in regards to PowerSchool. Everyone pay attention here, but especially intermediate students: Your true level of participation and actual scores for all assignments are being tracked and recorded outside of PowerSchool. Intermediate students, lack of participation will put any promotions to advanced classes in jeopardy unless extenuating circumstances prevented you from participating in distance learning for band/orchestra.