Update 6/8/20: Your patience is appreciated

Hi everyone,

Shortly after I started to enter grades today, I got a flood of emails and Google Classroom comments wondering why someone’s grade might be lower than it used to be. As I am entering grades in these final days of the school year, your overall grade may fluctuate drastically. While I appreciate the concern, the following are indicators that what you’re seeing at that moment is NOT your final grade:

  • There are blank spaces for other assignments that have yet to be entered
    • Students: By definition, your grade cannot be final if I haven’t entered something into every assignment
    • If you didn’t do the assignment, and you don’t see a 0 entered, I haven’t entered grades for the assignment
  • Your grade is lower than it was on March 13th
    • I will, of course, be following district policy in not allowing semester grades to dip below where they stood on March 13th
    • Locked-in “A” students will not be seeing a fully accurate record of their distance learning efforts because it makes my job a TON easier to not have to transfer all of those individual scores into PowerSchool for a grade that can’t change either up or down per district policy
    • “B”-or-lower students will be getting a fully accurate accounting of their distance learning efforts so that parents and students…
      • …see how the grade was successfully raised
      • …see why the student was unsuccessful in raising their grade from where it stood on March 13th
  • It is not yet 8:00 AM on Wednesday, June 10th
    • This is our deadline for finalized grades, and if that deadline hasn’t passed, your grade isn’t final

Long story short: If you see something that triggers concern, please be patient and wait until none of the above indicators exist for you.

My last thing that I want to get out to everybody: Please refrain from asking for exceptions. When parents or students do this, the teacher is suddenly and undeservedly pushed into a lose-lose situation. If the teacher does not make an exception for you, and they uphold their word, their syllabus, and/or the fair policies to which everyone is held, they are the bad guy to you and your family. If the teacher does make an exception for you, they are then going back against their word, syllabus, and policies for the rest of the class, and as soon as word gets around, they are the bad guy to the rest of the class and their families. Asking for exceptions from your teachers without evidence of reasonable extenuating circumstances puts us in an ethical and moral bind in which we cannot come out a winner.

The school closure happened suddenly and before we were able to plan and prepare everyone involved with the school district for distance learning. This has been tough for all of us, which is why the district grade protection policy exists. I will certainly follow the district policy, and no one’s grade will be lower than it was on March 13th when grades are finalized. But in the meantime, I can’t hide the work-in-progress that are your grades while they fluctuate and then reveal them to you when they’re complete. I also cannot and will not work 24/7 until your grades are done. They will be done before the June 10th at 8:00 AM deadline, and until then, nothing is final. Especially students, please exercise patience as you see your grade possibly changing quite a bit over the next 36 hours.


Mr. Brown