Short Class Meetings on 10/16

Hello MMS band students and families,

On Friday, October 16th, the MMS band classes will be having shortened class Zoom meetings. I’m expecting classes to run about 10 minutes long instead of the usual 70 minutes (or 82 minutes in the case of Advanced Band). The short class meeting will feature updates/reminders and an overview of the assignments for the day, and students will be instructed to begin work on their band assignments immediately after the meeting ends. The time between the end of the class meeting and the end of the band period should be spent completing band assignments, much like we would during a normal class period, just without my direction via Zoom. If students are current with their band classwork, and they finish their assignments from Friday during their regular class time, they should have no band homework over the weekend.

The vast majority of band students in all three classes have thus far shown mostly very good work habits and solid effort during distance learning. Because of this great collective performance, they have earned my trust that they will be able to take care of their band work on their own on Friday, October 16th. Way to go, Mustang bandos! I’m proud of you!

Many thanks to students and parents for their cooperation and understanding on Friday, October 16th, and I wish you all a relaxing weekend featuring as little time as possible in front of a screen.

Until next week,
Mr. Brown