Two Quick Updates for MMS Band Students and Parents

1. Students will have a short band class period on Friday, February 26th. Students will log onto the class Zoom at their normal start time and classes are expected to last approximately 15 minutes long. During the short class period, we will take attendance and go over the day’s assignments. Students are expected to spend the remainder of their band class period time completing their assignments asynchronously.

If you are a 6th/7th grader, or the parent of one, you may stop reading! The next update only concerns 8th graders and their parents.

2. If you missed the SRHS Music Department informational meeting for incoming freshmen last week, or you simply want to reference some information from it, the presentation slides and recording of the meeting are now available in Advanced Band’s Google Classroom stream. Links to these items are not being posted on the blog or sent out via email for the purposes of security and privacy. I will leave these items posted on the Advanced Band Google Classroom stream for the remainder of the school year, as well as any other SRHS Music informational material that becomes available in the future.