Mini-Camp Update 6/2/21

First, I want to acknowledge that signing up for this camp has been less than ideal for students, parents, as well as on my end. Our gigantic district that is offering hundreds of free camps to thousands of students in America’s 8th-largest city is in control of the registration process, not me, so the best I can do is update everyone here on the blog. Once the camp actually starts, and I am running the day-to-day operations, I am anticipating a much smoother experience. Thank you for your patience and diligence in checking the blog and taking the next steps when necessary.

Those of you who “pre-registered” through should have received an email on June 1st asking you to fill out a web form with pretty much the same info you entered with Level Up. If you didn’t see this email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder; I have had several reports of finding that email there. Many pre-registrants are now clicking the link from the email and have been met with a message stating that the “form is no longer accepting responses.” If you have seen this message, all hope is not lost! Additionally, if you were able to fill out the form linked in the email, your student’s registration has yet to be confirmed.

I have been told that, at some point this week, I will receive access to the registration info. I’m sure that there will be some registrants who should be placed in different camps, so some roster spots will be opened up again. At the moment, my mini-camp to-do list is the following:

  • Expand enrollment capacity (this, of course, is not a guarantee that this request will be granted)
  • Gain access to our camp’s registration records
  • Refer errant registrants to other camps that would be a better fit
    • Get permission to reopen registration for the newly-opened enrollment spots
  • Confirm registrations

That’s all I have for today. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. Keep checking here for more updates!