Nov. 15 – 19, 2021

NO INSTRUMENTS NEEDED ON MONDAY: Students do not need to bring instruments to school on Monday, November 15th. After receiving my booster shot late last week, I am still experiencing side effects and will be taking Monday off. I plan to be back in class on Tuesday, November 16th.

THANKSGIVING BREAK: This week is the last week of school before Thanksgiving Break (November 22nd – 26th). Intermediate and advanced classes have already received their weekly playing assignments that are due Friday, November 19th. Beginning classes will not have any work assigned on Friday, therefore, their last assignments will be posted on Wednesday, November 17th and due by the start of class on Friday the 19th. No work will be assigned to be completed during the break, however, the 14 calendar day late submission/retake window still applies during this time for students who are behind on recent assignments.

8th GRADE MARCHING BAND NIGHT: This event is taking place this Thursday night. 8th graders that wish to attend must RSVP no later than 6:00 PM on Tuesday, November 16th. See the post below for details and the link to the RSVP form.

PLAYING MASKS: If you are a wind instrumentalist, or the parent of one, check out the post below to see if you might be interested in purchasing a more durable and permanent playing mask.