8th Grade Marching Band Night Details

6th/7th graders and parents can ignore this email/post, as well as any 8th graders or parents who are not attending 8th Grade Marching Band Night tonight.

For the students attending this evening’s marching rehearsal and performance, please note the following details and recommendations:

  • We will gather at the cul de sac at the front of the SRHS campus at 6:00 PM
    • Please be punctual. We will be visiting different areas of the campus throughout the evening, so if you’re not on time, you may never find us.
  • Bring warm layers (jacket, sweatshirt, etc.). It can get quite chilly at night.
  • Dinner won’t be served until 8:00 PM, so eat a small snack beforehand.
  • Parents: Please return at 8:30 PM when the SRHS Falcon Corps and Colorguard will put on a full-dress performance of this year’s field show, “City of Lights.”
    • The performance will take place at the football stadium.

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