Updates for Sept. 19th and beyond!

With all classes beginning what should be their normal operations from here on out, this post will be the last weekly update. I strive to keep the blog as functional as possible for all who use it, so I don’t post on a regular basis. This means that there won’t be regular posts that can be skipped (or for those of you that subscribe, emails that can be ignored) because they contain routine or repeated information. From now through the end of the school year, every post will have a dedicated purpose to communicate or share current information. Please also don’t forget to utilize the many other resources here on the blog that can help non-musical parents/guardians support their musical student(s)!

ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS: A few parents have expressed interest in helping establish a booster club for MMSIM! A booster organization is something that could take the instrumental music program to new heights in a number of ways! If you are interested in being a member of the booster club, click here to email me. Also, if you are willing and able to send in an optional and voluntary donation, please click here to see how you can help support the program.

BEGINNING CLASSES: Instrument and supply check-outs are (for all intents and purposes) complete! Weeks-long waits for instruments were avoided thanks to the parents/guardians who chose to rent or buy an instrument for their student! Thank you for supporting your student and the instrumental music program as a whole! Students are now expected to have their instrument, maintenance materials, Sound Innovations book, and a pencil in class every day! On occasion, there will be days where instruments are not needed in class, and when this happens, I will notify families here on the blog and in that class’s Google Classroom. However, the default expectation for students is to have all of the aforementioned items in class on a daily basis. There are certain exceptions to this expectation, and that would be students who have an instrument at school and an instrument at home, as well as percussionists. Percussionists only need to bring their pair of snare drum sticks, Sound Innovations book, and pencil to class each day. Since percussionists will be using the real versions of their instruments at school, practice pads, bell kits, and bell kit mallets can stay at home all year long. Students that have an instrument at school and at home have the instrument part taken care of, obviously. However, the book, maintenance materials, pencil, and for a few students, a mouthpiece, must be brought to school and taken home each day.

INT./ADV. CLASSES: Both of these classes began playing in class on a daily basis last week. This week, they are going to receive some starter pieces for their binders to work on for the next four to six weeks. After this beginning-of-the-year phase, we will begin preparing holiday repertoire for the Winter Concerts.

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